The Annual Award competition for Best Financial Communication is an annual quality review for and by experts of the (international) financial community, under the auspices of ABAF/BVFA. It provides a balanced and quantified appreciation of the financial communication practices of a selection of Belgian listed companies.

For 2021, the winner of the ABAF/BVFA Awards is Solvay.

The Awards ceremony will this year take place on 17 November 2022.

The company with the highest overall score wins the Award for Best Financial Communication. We survey following key aspects:

  • Non-financial Information (like products and services, strategy, risks etc)
  • Financial Information (like Press Releases, Financial Statements and Notes etc)
  • Investor Relations

We also grant 4 sub-Awards:

  • Best Forward Looking Information
  • Best Investor Relations
  • Best Mid & Small Cap
  • Rotating Award: in 2021 we awarded the Best Holding / Investment Company & in 2020 the Best Market & Competitive Information

Discover the winners of the previous editions

Why this Award?

With the Award for Best Financial Communication we aim to reward the Belgian listed companies and small and mid-caps that stand out in terms of communication with the financial community. Our main goal is to encourage companies to keep investing in good quality information and communication.

The importance of the Awards can hardly be underestimated given its long track record. In 2020 we celebrated the Award’s 60th anniversary!

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How to participate?

We welcome both companies and analysts to participate at the Awards Procedure. The survey typically runs from June to September and spans the preceding 12-month period. The results are made public in October and the Awards are represented during the ABAF Awards Ceremony.

More Information

You want to participate to the annual survey of the ABAF/BVFA Awards as a listed company or financial analyst or you want some information?

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