DiAM – Digital Assets and MiCA

Currently in Europe, the Directive for the Prevention of Money Laundering, AML5, is in force and intense work is being carried out on the draft of the MiCA Regulation, which will be the cornerstone of the regulation for these assets and in general for the entire sector that we call decentralised finance or DeFi.

Likewise, to a greater or lesser extend, traditional financial entities are beginning to offer or consider products and services related to this sector: intermediation of cryptocurrencies, tokenised vehicles, NFTs, derivatives on crypto-assets…

In this context, EFFAS designed the DiAM® – Digital Assets and Markets in Crypto-Assets® – training program. The training provides the basic knowledge to face what is probably the biggest revolution in the financial sector of this decade, cryptocurrencies and financial assets represented in blockchain. It also describes what the short- and medium- term prospects are for the evolution of their regulation.

DiAM – Program Overview 2024

Why should you follow the DiAM® program?

The DiAM® program provides and evaluates knowledge in assets based on blockchain technology and the regulatory framework to enable holders to provide clear investment information and advice. At the end of the program students will have a knowledge and understanding of:

  • what blockchain is, how it works, and what it represents for the financial industry
  • how to classify crypto-assets and how they are affected by the current regulation
  • the different products and services in the world of crypto-assets
  • the evolving regulatory landscape with emphasis in the MiCA directive
  • the concept of DeFi (decentralised finance), as opposed to TradFi (traditional finance), and how they relate to each other
  • new trends and the near-term future of the crypto sector

The DiAM® program  is an online training, and structured in four modules, covering the complete examination syllabus. Each module contains e-seminars (video recorded), course slides and self-assessment. The training program’s estimated learning time is 20 hours.


Who should attend?

The DiAM® program is intended for any finance professional who wants to acquire the knowledge necessary to understand digital assets, including crypto-actives.

As this topic cuts across many areas, advisers, salespeople and managers from the banking, finance and insurance sectors will benefit from acquiring this knowledge as will legal and technical specialists who are used to working in the financial sector. Although it is a program with a clear professional orientation, due to its construction from basic principles to more advanced elements, it may also be of great interest to individual investors who want to expand their knowledge on this subject and understand how it fits into the world of finance.

Practical information

After you have filled in the registration form (or via the 'Apply now' button at the top of this page) you will get an invoice. Once we received the payment we will complete your registration and grant you 4 months access the learning platform. 

DiAM Common Exam sessions are organized on a quarterly basis by EFFAS. The exam is comprised of 30 multiple-choice questions and has a duration of 90 minutes. The exams are online only.

Upcoming exams will be organized on:

  • 23 September 2024 (registration until 23/08/2024)
  • 9 December 2024 (registration from 9/08 until 9/11/2024)

Price & Certification
The price for the DiAM® program is 650 EUR (TVA incl.), including 4 months access to the EFFAS learning management system and the online exam.

Candidates who pass the EFFAS common exam receive the DiAM® Diploma, granted by EFFAS, which is an international certification highly valued by employers.

Companies can get a license for the scorm files to implement in their own learning management system. Please contact us if you would like to receive more information this regard or if you want to register several employees at the same time.


If you have any questions related to the program or registration procedure, we can help you.

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