EFRAG, formerly known as the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group, is the leading European force in the global financial reporting debate. It was established in 2001 by European stakeholder organizations with an interest in financial reporting, representing the business community, investors and the accountancy profession.

EFRAG’s activities are aimed at developing and promoting European views on the development of IFRS and at ensuring that these views are properly and clearly articulated in the IASB international standard-setting process and in related international debates, so that ultimately IFRS are fit for Europe. This includes the interaction with economic concerns such as financial stability and economic growth. EFRAG works closely with the IASB, National Standard Setters and European stakeholder organizations, in Europe and worldwide.

EFRAG provides advice to the European Commission on whether newly issued or revised IFRS meet the criteria in the IAS Regulation for endorsement for use in the EU, including whether endorsement would be conducive to the European public good.

Our relationship with EFRAG

ABAF/BVFA, together with EFFAS, are heavily involved in the EFRAG activities. As an EFFAS member, ABAF/BVFA – EFFAS represents the users in the EFRAG Board through Hans Buysse, our Chairman, and in the EFRAG-TEG through Serge Pattyn, ABAF/BVFA board member. A lot of effort was spent on IFRS 4, IFRS 9, IFRS 16, IFRS 17 and the recent project on Primary Financial Statements.

Our Trainings

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