Being member of the European financial network (EFFAS, ESMA,…) and relying on a Board of Directors composed of industry experts, we aim to share our knowledge and ensure expertise development via certified financial trainings.

We organize following training programmes

DiAM - Digital Assets and MiCA

The DiAM® program provides and evaluates knowledge in assets based on blockchain technology and the regulatory framework to enable holders to provide clear investment information and advice.

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CEFA – Certified European Financial Analyst

The CEFA training is an international recognized program, focused on the day-to-day work for financial analysts, portfolio managers, fund managers, CFOs, asset managers, corporate finance professionals and operational banking people with as core objective to provide a professional and more practical program covering a true market need by the finance industry. The program is accredited by EFFAS and interchangeable in over 15 countries.

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CESGA – Certified ESG Analyst

Global social and environmental challenges, regulatory and reputational risks, market scandals and new market opportunities make environmental, social and governance information (ESG) a data source of growing importance. In this context, the integration of ESG information in the investment process chain and in valuation is essential.

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ESG Essentials

The ESG Essentials® program provides you with the fundamental concepts and requirements to give basic guidance to investors in ESG matters. The objective is to understand the global megatrends and to equip you with the knowledge to navigate an evolving regulatory landscape.

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