General Assembly of Members

We are a professional non-for-profit organization and aim to be the centre of expertise for the community of finance professionals in Belgium. In order to reach our goals, we count on, amongst others, our members who compose one of the most important stakeholders of our association. They are heard in the yearly organized General Assembly of Members as well as in extra ordinary assemblies that are organised each time an important change in the organisation is proposed. Members are being informed through our website, social media and happenings. The Board of Directors defines the strategy of the association, presents it to the ordinary assembly and implements it.

Each (individual or corporate) member has voting power and can attend the General Assembly of the Association.

Within six months following the end of the financial year the General Assembly is convened to approve the accounts of the Association and to discuss the strategic vision, the projects and outlook for the next year.

All changes to the bylaws and ethical code of the Association have to be approved by the General Assembly.

Annual Reports

Annual Report – 2023

Annual Report – 2022

Annual Report – 2021

Annual Report – 2020

Annual Report – 2019

Annual Report – 2017

Annual Report – 2016

Annual Report – 2015


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