EFFAS, the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies, is a pan-European grouping of about 14 national local societies of investment professionals in Europe, bringing together leading experts from all of Europe’s Equity and Fixed Income markets.

Its mission is :

  • to set the standard for investment professionals’ requirements,
  • a think tank and centre for discussion and,
  • a European reference in training & qualification.

EFFAS promotes the development and dissemination of a European Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

As a reference in training & qualification, EFFAS also offers certified courses, such as CESGA, CEFA, DiAM, ESG Essentials…

Our EFFAS membership

EFFAS contributes in various working groups and councils of European and global bodies. Thanks to our membership, we are continuously informed about its activities. This enables us to incorporate the practical knowledge of the professionals and to contribute to the development of financial services regulation in Belgium as a whole.

As a member of EFFAS, ABAF/BVFA represents the Belgian national member society in the General Meeting and Executive Management Committee of EFFAS.

More information can be found on the EFFAS website and website of EFFAS Academy.

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