Board of Directors

The Board of Directors defines the strategy of ABAF/BVFA and represents our organization locally and internationally within the community.

Our Board of Directors is composed of industry experts, each of whom has a strong track record in the business. Major tasks include the organisation of the Awards for Best Financial Communication, training courses, as well as all events, meetings and happenings to enhance the professional knowledge of the community of finance professionals and the reputation of the organization.

The Board convenes about ten times a year. Currently the Board is composed of nine members, representing the Belgian financial community.

Our Board Members

Hans Buysse


Luc Van der Elst


René Clerix


Luc Keuleneer

General Secretary

Rudy De Groodt

Board member

Serge Pattyn

Board member

Johan Van den Branden

Board member

Rudy Vandorpe

Board member

Jan Longeval

Board member